Saturday, 2 January 2010

Fun Fun - Have Fun & More (Greatest Hits) italo disco 80's

Fun Fun were a popular synth pop duo of the 1980s. Their worldwide hits included "Colour My Love" and "Happy Station".
Fun Fun
were Francesca Merola and Roberta Servelli (later replaced by Elena). They're remembered mainly for their style in high-energy dance music: the producers Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi succeeded to create a perfect cocktail of rhythm and elegance that in 1983 allowed the duo to gain huge success with the first song "Happy Station" with several weeks in the official UK Music Week and US Billboard charts. The hits "Colour my love" and "Baila Bolero" obtained great international chart success.
Behind the Fun Fun act were Italian musicians Larry Pignagnoli and Spagna.


  1. italodsicomaniac28 August 2010 at 22:53

    Alongside with Radiorama, Koto and Ken Laszlo the "Fun Fun" duo is my fav italo disco band.
    italo till the grave!
    ps. i'll never forget the song "Happy station" recorded by myself in 1984 (i was 13 and the italo genre was at the very TOP) on the mitic tape BASF ferro I.....the best yrs of my life!

  2. italodiscomaniac28 August 2010 at 23:00

    I forget to say thx to you for the upload, and say hello to the whole SAR.
    ps. you did a great job during the FIFA world soccer/football championship, unfortunately "my" Italy did a very bad "job".
    And yes, you coud spare our ears from the (damned) vuvuzelas...aaaaah
    cheers from croatia/italy

  3. does anyone know which one is Francesca Merola, which one is Roberta Servelli (I'm guessing the burnette with the longer hair and the green headband in that image here), and which one is Elena (is that the blonde that was featured alongside the mainstay model on the covers of the 2nd Fun Fun LP and subsequent singles like Baila Bolero, Could this Be Love, and Gimme Some Loving)??
    any clue?

  4. in South Africa we had a song by them... Can't recall the actual name of it but it was.. "a good man is hard to find but a hard man gives you such a good time"... Can't find it anywhere...

  5. Hello ^_^ Could you possibly re-upload this please? Thanks so much in advance!


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