Sunday, 17 January 2010

Kimera and the Operaiders - The Lost Opera (1985) Hi-Nrg 80's disco pop crap kitsch diva!

Kimera (born January 10, 1954) is South Korean-born popera singer.
Her music style was that of pop opera (similar to pop symphony yet with more techno beat). She created the style of "popera", consisting of a medley of opera arias set to a mid-80's form of disco and High N-R-G beats. Her music career stage was in Europe, mostly in France and Spain, but she also enjoyed tremendous success with her debut single "The Lost Opera" (reaching number 1 on the South African Springbok Charts in June 1985 and charting for 19 weeks) and first two albums in South Africa.

"ok.... it IS totally kitsch, yet Kimera was THE number #1 best seller in South Africa in 1985 with her cheesy, over the top mega hit "THE LOST OPERA". This Korean invaded South Africa's airwaves and homes like cheap "made in Korea" washing machines!
Housewives thought of her music as "high art"... and a bit of "a cross cultural experience". ha ha ha!! :) Welcome to the 80's!

The music video for KIMERA's "LOST OPERA" is totally ridiculous and well worth checking out - such class! "" [RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG]

+ the Original Extended Maxi Version


  1. I have this on cd plus extras... Still great after all these years

  2. Sadly, the CD I found was different to the original LP...I wish they wouldn't do that :-(

  3. Have several versions, so needless to say, added!


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