Wednesday, 4 February 2015

POCKET LIPS - "Incredible Dance (It's Amazing)" 1987 South African Pop Hit 80s "OUT OF PRINT" RARE! electro disco dance novelty record

Reached #6 on South African Official Top 20 Chart Hit 13 AUG 87
Stayed in Top 20 Chart for 9 Weeks!

Massive Hit in South Africa back in 1987, when it climbed all the way up to No. 6 on the local pop charts. Also by all Pocket Lips was a studio project made up of producers/musicians Ian Osrin (actually a highly respected South African recording engineer and record producer with an extensive list of legit credits), Zack Haynes and Sam Wingate, plus a vocalist named Keith Berel who had previously fronted a popular Johannesburg band called Flash Harry. 

These talented music producers produced this record in spare time when the studio was not busy. 

“It’s Amazing (The Incredible Dance)” went on to become a TOP 10 HIT. 

Composed by: Zack Haines & Ian Osrin 
Published by Gallo Music


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