Saturday, 4 May 2013

Laura Branigan - Back In Control (REMIXES ALBUM) [south africa] 1999 Electro Disco Pop Hi-NRG 80's

Mention Laura Branigan and even the most tone-deaf among us will start to hum Gloria, the chart-topping platinum hit which launched her career. It held its position at the top of Billboard's Top Ten for 22 weeks, so it's not surprising that many consider this to be her signature song. However, Laura Branigan, a four-time Grammy Award nominee with album and single sales exceeding ten million in the United States alone, has had three other top ten hits, Self Control, How Am I Suppose To Live Without You, and Solitaire, and many other top forty hits including Power Of Love, The Lucky One, Spanish Eddie and the PWL produced Shattered Glass to name just a few.
New dance mixes of "Gloria '99" and "Self Control '99" were both released as a multiple remix track CD singles in South Africa between 1998 - 1999.
In 1999, new remixes of Laura Branigan hits "Gloria"; "Self Control"; "Spanish Eddie"; "Ti Amo" and "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" were commissioned for a South African collection album called "Back in Control", on Atlantic/Gallo.


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  2. no veo el link de descarga, please ¿donde esta?

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