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Amanda Lear - Never Trust A Pretty Face (1978) Diamonds For Breakfast (1979) disco classic albums [2 albums on 1 CD special limited edition] 320 kbps

Never Trust a Pretty Face
is the third studio album by French singer Amanda Lear, released in January, 1979 by West German label Ariola-Eurodisc.
The album includes European hit singles "Lili Marleen", "The Sphinx" and "Fashion Pack (Studio 54)" + underground cult sleazy electro disco tracks "Black Holes" and "Intellectually" (which both get 10/10 from Retro-Disco-Hi-NRG for being ultra fabulous!)

Interesting fact..... "Fans and critics alike usually rate Never Trust a Pretty Face as a landmark in the history of "The sound of Munich", groundbreaking Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer collaborations included, and it was in fact recorded in Moroder's renowned Musicland Studios with the assistance of keyboardist and composer Harold Faltermeyer and British drummer and arranger Keith Forsey, both later going on to become very successful record producers and hitmakers in their own right in the United States."
Diamonds For Breakfast
is the fourth studio album by French singer Amanda Lear, released in January, 1980 by West German label Ariola-Eurodisc. The "Diamonds for Breakfast" album became her commercial breakthrough on the Scandinavian market (#4 Sweden, April 1980 #10 Norway, December 1980.
The album abandoned the Munich disco sound with its lush strings and brass arrangements in favour of an electronic New Wave rock style, with the guitar riff driven opening track "Rockin' Rollin' (I Hear You Nagging)" setting the tone, most likely in accordance with Lear's own taste in music.
She declared: "I really wanted to be the new Tina Turner, a rough rock singer, she's still my all-time favourite rockstar"and Diamonds for Breakfast was a step in that direction.

The album cover portrait of Lear, with diamond tears designed by Tiffany's running down her cheek, is notable in the history of art and design as it was one of the first major assignments for French photographers, Pierre et Gilles.
The album contains European hit singles "Fabulous Lover Love Me", "Diamonds", "Ho Fatto L'Amore Con Me", "Japan" and "When" + the fabulous Disco Rock track........


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  2. Thank you for all Amanda posts!
    She was and still is a great singer :)


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