Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sinitta - "Toy Boy" (12'' Maxi) 1987 hi-nrg eurobeat disco pwl 80's hit single [x6 remixes]

01 - Toy Boy (7'' Mix)  3.25
02 - Toy Boy (Extended Rap Version)  3.47
03 - Toy Boy (Brand New Megamix)  5.10
04 - Toy Boy (Extended Hip Joint Mix)  6.50
05 - Toy Boy (The Extended Bicep Mix)  7.01
06 - Toy Boy (Instrumental)  4.55

Sinitta Renet Malone (born October 19, 1966 in Seattle, Washington, United States), known professionally as Sinitta, is an American singer who has lived in the United Kingdom for most of her career. She is best known for her hit records in the 1980s; including "So Macho", "Toy Boy", "Cross My Broken Heart" and "Right Back Where We Started From". She has also acted in a number of West End shows, has been affiliated with The X Factor, and appeared as a contestant on the eleventh series of

Sinitta is the daughter of Canadian actress and singer Miquel Brown ("So Many Men, So Little Time) and Anthony Blackett.  Her birth year is usually cited as 1968, although some press sources have alleged she was born earlier, perhaps 1966 or even as early as 1963.  1963 seems most likely given that in 1982 she was dating 21-year-old Nick Cowell before dumping him for his 23-year-old brother Simon. It would be unlikely that either man would date a 13-year-old, which would be her age if she had been born in 1968.

Sinitta was both Simon Cowell's and Fanfare Records's first signing.  Cowell was desperate for Stock Aitken Waterman (SAW) to write and produce for Sinitta. "Feels Like The First Time", Sinitta's subsequent single following "So Macho", had charted low (number 45 UK Oct 1986) and only spent 5 weeks on the chart, whereas, in contrast, "So Macho" had been on the UK chart for 30 weeks in 1986, where it had peaked at number 2.
 Initially, Waterman declined to work with Sinitta, claiming that SAW were too busy.  SAW did work with Sinitta later however, and her first single with the Hit Factory was "Toy Boy".
In his book, Simon Cowell takes credit for the song idea for "Toy Boy", coining the phrase "toy boy", which described older women dating considerably younger men.
This is contradicted by writer/producer Mike Stock in his book, The Hit Factory - The Stock Aitken Waterman Story, in which he claims that his inspiration came from the fact that Sinitta herself at the time was dating a younger man. "Toy Boy" was a hit, reaching number 4 in the UK in July 1987, staying on the charts for 14 weeks.


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