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Hot RS - House Of The Rising Sun & Forbidden Fruit (2 Albums on 1 CD) 1978 disco rock classic "Hard-To-Find" VERY RARE CD!

HOT R.S is an acronym for House Of The Rising Sun, a 70’s disco project anchored by South African clarinetist Dan Hill and producer/percussionist Kevin Kruger, also of Disco Rock Machine in the late 1970’s. HOT R.S. put out a self titled LP in 1977, and a followup entitled “Forbidden Fruit” in 1978. Their 1977 cut “Slow Blow” still seems to be a favorite among many disco enthusiasts and producers.

1977 & 1978


  1. Great CD! I did not know Forbidden Fruit was on CD. Thanks alot for this upload! Do you possibly have 'Hot RS II - I Get So Excited'? I only have 2 tracks from this CD and I would like to hear the rest. Your blog is AAAA++++!!!

  2. Yes, i have HOT RS II, produced around 2001, but to be honest, is such rubbish that to preserve their legacy from the 70's, i would rather not post it. Totally different to the HOT RS we know and love. RETRO DISCO

  3. I knew the band leader of Hot RS, Kevin Kruger. I think House of the Rising Sun was their biggest hit back then, even more so after this song got banned in South Africa. Went to High School with him in South Africa. Dan Hill and Kevin Kruger were the anchor members of Hot RS. Judy Fältskog did the lead vocals with Kevin Kruger, even though they had a few other female vocalists who came and went. Backing vocals was done by Karen, sometimes by Tanya. I used to watch when they did their garage practices back in the late 70s in Port Elizabeth.

    They were really pretty good for that time.

    1. Hello, i look to contact Dan Hill and Kevin Kruger for licensing of "Summer in the city" pls. help to contact.

  4. They are still my favourite band. I saw Judy is on facebook for all the old fans of HOT RS. Time goes by so fast, I think she must be 55 by now. Her stage name with HOT RS was Mercedes for those who dont know. Those were the good old days. Thanks for posting the video.
    Nkosi sikelele Afrika

  5. Just to agree, the 2001 "Hot RS II" should be totally avoided at all costs! Definitely one of my time favourite disco-rock artists and like you said, Slow Blow has been endlessly used in the re-edit scene (Prins Thomas did a good one if memory serves).

    The anecdotes from the comments above are really fascinating to read. I had no idea their Animals cover version was banned in South Africa in the late seventies! What was the reason(s) behind it (I am at a loss to think of any reason why to be honest).

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  9. Any possibility that The House Of The Rising Sun - Hot R.S. could be shared here again? I can't find it anywhere else.


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