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JIVING TO THE WEEKEND BEAT (Various Artists) south african disco jive dance pop 80's

south african dance pop 80's
The story of JIVING TO THE WEEKEND BEAT is the tale of those pioneering South African bands of the past 25 years who sidestepped apartheid's separate development strategies by shelving recycled imported rock and roll formulae and turning to a distinctive African pop-rock groove. This is the sound of the African musical bedrock of South African pop and rock in the 80's - the jubilant township jive that was unapologetically about getting your Afro-pop party started.

The songs here are all about the meeting and greeting of African and Western pop traditions that saw the weekend beat evolve into a 24/7 homegrown groove hybird. Gatheres together, for the first time on one album, are 19 of the most memorable classic tunes of South African pop music.

Savuka's righteous ubuntu-pop epic "Scatterlings", Evoid's jubilant township ethon-gypsy title track , Hotline's stomping 1984 Afro-rock staduim anthem "Jabulani", Sipho Hotstix Mabuse's hypnotic and effervescent "Burnout" and Bafo Bafo's multicultural chakalaka of Afro-Saxon folk and maskanda on "Manje". 

Add to this Mango Groove's celebratory African kwela rhythmic stomp meets big band on "Hellfire" and timeless gems by Via Afrika, Bright Blue, The Spectres, Blk Sonshine, Zia, Urban Creep and many others and you have one of the vibiest albums of the year - guaranteed to get ant party hopping!

Digitally remastered with pics and liner notes by renowned music write Miles Keylock, JIVING TO THE WEEKEND BEAT joins an ever growing catalogue of classic South African pop and rock albums released as part of Fresh Music's Retro series.


1. éVoid - Jiving to the weekend beat
2. Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Scatterlings of Africa
3. Mango Groove – Hellfire
4. Sipho "Hotstixx" Mabuse – Burnout
5. Bafo Bafo - Manje
6. Hotline - Jabulani
7. Via Afrika - Via Afrika
8. Bright Blue - Living in Africa
9. Blk Sonshine - Born in a taxi
10.Urban Creep - Sea level
11. The Spectres - Crow on the highway
12. Robin Auld - Charly go crazy
13. Zia - Nobody Loves you like I do
14. Neill Solomon - Sing to the moon

15. Edi Nederlander - Ancient dust of Africa
16. The Dynamics - This weekend (vocal)

17. Vicky Sampson - One river
18. Egyptian Nursery - Oyebisi Nga
19. Ratau Mike Makhalamele - Soweto Dawn

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