Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Depeche Mode 'Get The Balance Right' (12'' Maxi) 1983 electro disco 80's [South African Edition] "Hard-To-Find" RARE

1.  Get The Balance Right (Combination 12'' Mix) (8.00)  1983
2.  The Great Outdoors! (5.02)  1982
3.  Tora! Tora! Tora! (4.28)  1982
4.  Get The Balance Right! (Single Edit) (3.12)  1983
"Get the Balance Right!" is the seventh single by Depeche Mode, originally released on 31 January 1983. It is the first Depeche Mode single with Alan Wilder as an official band member, and the first with a song written by both Martin Gore and Wilder ("The Great Outdoors!").

In the music video Wilder lip-syncs the first lines of the song, even though Dave Gahan should be singing it. The band were too afraid to tell the director that Gahan was the lead singer.
 For some reason the director made the assumption that the singer was Wilder and they were too embarrassed to point out his mistake, the video remains this way today.

The music video is not commercially available.

"One of Depeche Mode's Best 
80's 12 Inch Dance Singles"
"Love It!"

SCORES 10/10


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