Sunday, 12 September 2010

KINGS OF EUROBEAT featuring STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN - Various Artists 80's hi-nrg eurobeat

01 Lana Pellay - Pistol In My Pocket (Dirty Harry Mix) 7.56
02 Michael Prince - Dance Your Love Away (New Remix) 7.09
03 S.A.W - Dance Your Love Away (D.J. Drop Mix Tracks) 3.10
04 Divine - I'm So Beautiful (Divine Mix) 6.35
05 Princess - After The Love Has Gone [Promo Version] 6.51
06 Princess - I'll Keep On Loving You (Extended) 7.32
07 Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do Wherever I Go (Dance Mix) 8.11

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering the best way to become able to access some of the files...I truly understand why you had to go private...but what do I do now?
    I owe my life to some of this music, I'm not a thief and have an honest devotion to REAL devotee's of the genre like yourself.Anyway...sad what happened and hope things don't get you down too much.Sorry pigs had to spoil your interest in such a wonderful collection.


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