Friday, 17 September 2010

Time to PLAY? PAUSE? or STOP?

" I've been thinking of closing RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG BLOG
Another disco blog is copying my original posts within days (sometimes hours) of posting. I usually don't mind, but it's annoying that it's sometimes done so soon after my original posts. This blog then puts a password on my files and re-uploads them as their own (which is just rude)
Then you have the Russian run "" site which copies everybodys posts and offers the files for sale... They are scum...
Only a small % of my RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG collection has been shown so maybe it's time to stop the public posts and go private?"


  1. I like the music of your blog.
    If private is your future please have a call :-)

  2. No, no, PLEASE don't stop! Your blog has enabled me to access rare, out-of-print stuff that I grew up with during my teens. With this music I can remain 16 forever!!! Don't let other cretins stop you from doing something that you're passionate about, which is keeping the good music alive!

  3. i agree. please don't stop. We know you are the original. We'll go spam that other blog for you.

  4. Well hi, I know it is frustrating to have your efforts just 'copied & pasted'into someone elses blog, and passed s their own work, it is disgraceful. You have been very generous with the rare and great posts over the time you have been online with this blog. To stop it would be sad but I understand your view completely, so if Private is the way forward then so be it, it would be a shame to lose you forever :-) xxx
    Let me know what you think to do

  5. Good day Retro
    It will really be very SAD for me and many other visitors on your blog. I have visited your blog since you have started and everyday I pop in to have a look for new uploads as I am a South African (very hard to find old 80's club or hard to find tunes from S.A.) and love the 80's music scene (as I grew up listening to 80's music). You have REALY BROUGHT BACK SO FANTASTIC MEMORIES to my collecion. i.e. High-Energy, Eurobeat and Hot RS and so many hard2find vinuls etc. Anyways I REALY don't hope you choose to end your blog ... those scum I will certainly spam them. So it would be SO VERY SAD to lose you ... I understand that you put alot of efford in finding & uploading these amazing stuff, but you will always be the "ORIGINAL". I will go on my knees and beg you PLEASE don't end this amazing journey for many!!! xxxxxxx

    Antonio in Cape Town, Stilbaai

  6. Please don't stop! There are loads of Italo Disco blogs/forums out there, but so few on just hi-NRG. I always look forward to your posts.

    I can imagine how annoying the copying must be so maybe going private is the way forward. Please keep us informed!

  7. Hey!

    I understand your feelings totally but can't imagine life without "retrodisco". I was a Club DJ in Port Elizabeth South Africa in the mid 80's and practically everything you post brings back awesome memories for me and the opportunity to enjoy the music over and over again. Please don't stop. If you do decide to go private please let me know Thanks

  8. I enjoy your blog immensely and I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who's crazy about this music. I come here every day and I definitely don't want you to stop. I don't go to other blogs because I have you. Here's my suggestion: Put a password on your own files. You can even create a secret mailing list with your loyal followers and perhaps send us the password in an email. That way your files won't be stolen and we, your followers, can keep enjoying your wonderful blog. :)


  9. Through your blog I've have had access to some amazing Hi-NRG tracks, which aren't available anywhere else (the record companies are really missing a trick!). THANK YOU!... Yes, you should create a members only blog, to stop other sites pilfering your stuff... Keep going and keep up the good work!

  10. Hey there
    Oh PLEASE no! DON'T STOP!! We will surely be sad to lose the only RetroDisco 80's High-Energy, Eurobeat old rare tunes. But if you do decide to go private I beg you to email me and let me know
    Please keep up the amazing blog!
    AJ in Jo'burg

  11. This blog is an institution, don't get discouraged! If you go priv, please please email me


  13. It would be a tragedy if you had to close this fabulous blog. Thank you for the music, and I hope you'll find a solution that works for the people who love these tunes.

  14. DONT STOP THE DANCE¡¡-greetings from southamerica-uruguay-mrdisco-

  15. Hi i enjoy the music on your blog, it will be a shame if you go private. But if you do i would be gratefull for an invite.My emal is



  16. Oh my goodness. I have been following your wonderful posts since I found you after your first couple of uploads. Believe me, I am not lying here, your stuff is quite obviously standout material, and I browse all over the net for all this old classic genuine HiNRG stuff.I know of the couple of blogs you talk about, I got SCAMMED by odimusic a long time ago, and many of those other blogs pay tribute to Italo etc, but just rip off everyone else n doing so...such a sad thing that they need to steal and take credit, if they appreciated the music I would think they would have it all already anyway.Scamming EGO MANIACS!
    I've had many blogs in the past ten years, from when I first started learning about the net, right up until a few weeks ago when I got depressed about all the unrewarded work and thinking I was just ADDICTED to blogging.I've been a DJ since 1986 and have posted hundreds of hard to find vinyls from the HiNRG genre all over the internet..I just bet someone out there is now not only taking credit for the file, but probably making money off it too!
    Best way to deal with it is not treat it like a competition, relax, worship the tunes as you and many of us have, and ignore what anyone else chooses to do. I guess once it's on the internet :that's it"! Make available private log ins to your genuine FANS but will those bastards from the rip off blogs just join too, and continue doing what they're doing? I say, who cares, I used to worry like hell about being called a poof, until I stopped letting it hurt me so much, maybe have a similar attitude with the blog.Be free and enjoy, who cares what arseholes do elsewhere.

  17. If posts are set to do I join?? Or should I just give up on your wonderful blog?

  18. Love the posts, the blog, the music. Don't blame you at all for considering going private considering the rudeness of other bloggers ride your coat-tails. Would love to continue following if you go private! Pete

  19. HI !!!!
    I only recently discovered your blog and quite by accident too ! During the 80s High Energy boom I was in my twenties and have some really fond memories of these tracks ...the VAST majority of which I have not heard for decades let alone been able to download and listen to on my I-pod. Many many thanks to you for that.
    Until reading your last post I never really gave much thought to the work that goes into creating a blog nor the person behind it.
    In order to answer your question as to whether to continue it, I guess you would have to consider your motivation. As far as I can see you've obviously got a love for this music and a genuine desire to share it with others. You're obviously quite selfless about it too, you share everything and yet ask for nothing ...that's pretty admirable and shows that you're not driven by profit I would have to suspect that the blog and the work that you put into it is something you feel very passionately about.
    The internet is a very ruthless environment with much take and little thanks so I can see why you would feel a bit deflated by the challenges you are facing and the lack of appreciation. I'm guilty on that point, I've downloaded stuff via your blog and never even thought to thank you I owe you a big apology there.
    At the end of the day you have to look after YOU and I know you'll make the right decision. Whether it's good or bad for us is secondary ...just make sure it's good for you.
    Much love and thanks to ya
    Keep up the fantastic work on the Blog !!! or
    Thanks for the fantastic music and memories !!
    (whichever is applicable ! Ha Ha)
    Melbourne Australia

  20. Hey there... SHIT seen your last post... Can't believe anyone would do something like that.. It's just unacceptable .. Your music has brought so much pleasure to me... When i sent you the HOTLINE (PJ Powers) cd i was so greatful for EVERYTHING !!! Hope you decide to do something about those website.. I see your settings are now on private so let me know how to download now or what to join !!!

  21. I think it such a shame that you have been forced to go private. Why anybody would go on to sell something provided to them for free in good faith is beyond me! I was born in 1985, and have discovered some of my favourite music as a result of your blog, and I am so grateful for what you have been able to share so far!

    If you are inviting people to a private share, I would certainly appreciate an invite:

  22. Please don't stop! You have a lot of fans and your sharing has given lots of people wonderful memories that they'll enjoy the rest of their lives. You are the best and the web would be much poorer without you.

  23. well firstly thanks for the great website and hard work put into the website. Fear not and panic not but the only track i see that Disco trax80s has similair to your website is Lana Pellay Pistol in my pocket. HAving done a google search of the track it is amazing how many website actually have this ONE SONG he apparently swiped from you. I really dont think blaming him and making a major drama justifies this sort of action. But having said that you have a solid fan base that appreciate your hard work and great sharing of hard to find classics and one track IMO does not quite desrve shutting a blog like your down or going private. Do you???

  24. Brother espero que sepas español , Oye No Detengas tu Blog Esta Super Magnifico , lo que recomiendo es que sigas... solo que a tus aportes les pongas (Pass) O Otra Opcion Que Pongas tu blog (PRIVADO) PARA MIEMBROS O AMIGOS CONOCIDOS Y ASI NADIE PODRA ENTRAR SIN AUTORIZACION SIN ANTES TENER QUE REGISTRARSE Y SEPAS TU QUIEN HA VISITADO TU BLOG.... EL BLOG ESTA PICUDO NO LO CIERRES BROTHER ESTA MUSICA ES DE ORO VALE MUCHO ....EL MEJOR BLOG DE HI-NRG & ITALO QUE HE VISTO ...SALUDOS

  25. Hey! Don't give up! and don't pay attention to the link thieves!

  26. Hi there ,
    i love this blog it always brings me such great memories of a time and a place i loved.Don't let the arseholes get you down.If you decide to go private can you please add me
    I would hate to see this blog and your hard work leave us.

  27. If posts are set to do I join?? Or should I just give up on your wonderful blog?

    Don't stop, Your my HI NRG HERO


  28. Don't stop. Your'e doing well when others copy you. Look at these comments to see how respected your blog is now. Don't let it get you down. And remember: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
    Keep calm and carry on!
    Andrew W

  29. It's really the old South African artists that will be so missed, which are all hard to find now and which RETRO thankfully shared with us! Stuff like E'void, Helicopters, Hotline, H.O.T.R.S and Cafe Society. It's sad enough when blogs were being shut down without the owners control, but even sadder when the owner shuts down.

    Retro, why don't you just take stuff from the guys who took from you - get 'em back (but I guess that's not the point).

    Oh well, your blog will certainly be missed. I visited it every day, but pretty pointless now as there is no way to join it seems :o(

    COME ON RETRO! We need you back or else I/we have nothing to look forward to anymore.

    A Modern Talking Fan - Cape Town

  30. Looks like it's over already

  31. @RETRO - Who are you aiming your blog at by going private?? There's no way to join, so by doing this you're going to lose all your loyal readers - and you have a huge fan-club by the looks of things! Come on.. get over it!! It's only music (darn good music, that is :o)) Or are you forcing all your loyal followers to join discotrax80s, your opposition? We don't want to, they are not half as good as you - but you know we will, if there's no option.

  32. Please don't stop!
    There're still so many songs out there that need to be re-discovered!

  33. Who is this damn other blogger so we can spam the idiot?

  34. I hope you keep it in this way. This Site is awesome. I found so much Stuff i've searched for years. You should be honored for all your work you've put into this. Please do not stop. Thumbs up for you. Thanx alot.

  35. man, don't stop! your blog is fantastic. if people are copying you, it's sign of success!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations for your work and please don't stop it because a bunch of idiots with nothing to share.
    all the best!

  36. I don't know if you'll get to see this, but...
    Going private gets rid of most of the leeches, but not all of them.
    I belong to two private blogs and it was assumed that everyone involved was playing by the rules until I saw a street vendor on 14th St (NYC) selling professional-looking CDs of a comp that one of the members had made -- and the CD cover reproduced the artwork that he had made for the blog post.
    Then, about six months ago, I did a search on Filestube and somehow wound up with something I had posted at a private blog over a year ago. Someone had renamed the folder and re-uploaded it to RapidShare, but my initials were still in the file tags.
    One of the bloggers I know told me that it's the nature of the beast, but I just think it sucks. I don't want to post anything good anymore.
    And, supposedly, Google has plans to develop legit competition for iTunes and wants to eradicate music-related blogs.
    So, going private may be a better thing overall, especially since you've got quite a few rarities here.
    If you go private, I hope you send me an invite.


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