Friday, 28 November 2014

Pamela Nightingale - "A Night To Remember" (12'' Maxi) 1987 hi-nrg eurobeat disco RARE!

a mega rare track!

The 1987 follow up to Pamela Nightingale's wonderful 1985 club track "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" was the more laid back, european retro discoesque
"A Night To Remember".
This track reminds me of those late 70's-early 80's disco hi-nrg songs from Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench, although "A Night To Remember" was produced in 1987 by Steve O'Donnell.
It has that "70's 'Love Boat' glamourous cruise ship holiday (on the French Rivera/Mediterranean sea) sound..."
A nice track, but the sounds of 1987 were all about Stock Aitken & Waterman "Mel & Kim / Rick Astley" cutting edge dance productions, so i can only imagine that this track was mostly ignored, and until now, almost forgotten.
We love "rare and hard-to-find gems" at RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG and we love Pamela Nightingale's voice


  1. Man, both songs by Pamela Nightingale are great!!!
    Too bad she doesn't have more!

  2. Thank you for this gem, one of my all time favorites!


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