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La Vie En Rose Presents...Volume 1 (hi-nrg non-stop mix) 80s high-energy eurobeat electro disco RARE! "OUT-OF-PRINT" CD

This is a totally rare, totally fabulous Non-Stop mixed album of Classic early Hi-NRG!
Produced and released in 1991 to raise money for the AIDS charity, The Terrence Higgins Trust, the artists and producers of this mix donated all royalties from the sale of the LP and CD.
It's amazing how these tracks capture that period in time...
Dedicated to friends who have gone to better places!
"Totally fabulous!"
"We can still smell the sweat and poppers!"

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Music Factory ‎– ERECT CD3
CD, Compilation, Mixed    


An Oral Extravaganza (32:32)
1.1 Miquel Brown So Many Men, So Little Time
Producer – Darren Ash, Martin Smith
1.2 Flirtations, The Earthquake
Producer – Ian Anthony Stephens
1.3 Kofi & The Love Tones Countdown
Producer – Kevin Antony Roberts
1.4 Evelyn Thomas Reflections
Producer – Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench*
1.5 Barbara Pennington All American Boy
Producer – Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench*
1.6 Hot Gossip Break Me Into Little Pieces
Producer – Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench*
1.7 James* & Susan Wells R.S.V.P.
Producer – Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench*
1.8 Earlene Bentley Caught In The Act
Producer – Ian Levine and Fiachra Trench
1.9 Kelly Marie I'm On Fire
Producer – Nigel Wright
1.10 Samantha Gilles Let Me Feel It
Producer – Fonny De Wulf
1.11 Seventh Avenue Ending Up On A High
Producer – Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench*
1.12 Communards, The Never Can Say Goodbye
Producer – Stephen Hague
The Second Coming (32:08)
2.1 Evelyn Thomas High Energy
Producer – Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench*
2.2 Sylvester / Patrick Cowley Menergy
Producer – Patrick Cowley
2.3 Phyllis Nelson I Like You
Producer – Yves Dessca
2.4 Divine Native Love
Producer – Bobby Orlando
2.5 Bobby O* I'm So Hot For You
Producer – Bobby Orlando
2.6 Divine Love Reaction
Producer – Bobby Orlando
2.7 Roni Griffith The Best Part Of Breaking Up
Producer – Bobby Orlando
2.8 Sinitta So Macho
Producer – George Hargreaves & Mick Parker
2.9 Man 2 Man Meet Man Parrish Male Stripper
Producer – Man Parrish, Miki Zone, Paul Zone
2.10 Sylvester / Patrick Cowley Do Ya Wanna Funk
Producer – Patrick Cowley
2.11 Jeanie Tracy Time Bomb
Producer – James Wirrick
2.12 Modern Rocketry Cuba Libre
Producer – Ken Kessie, Morey Goldstein Vocals [Featuring] – Jolo
2.13 Jolo Soul
Producer – Barry Beam, John Hedges


© 1991 Music Factory Records Ltd.



  1. OMFG! Wow - thank you for this. I bought this many years ago as a teenager and loved it! A few years later I lent it out (along with a couple of other great hi nrg CD's) - never to be seen or heard again :(
    So, wow, can't wait to hear this again.

  2. can you please re post as the link is dead i would love to download it as the original cd i had has now given up playing anymore its been played that much in the past

  3. Some REALLY GREAT music, would love to hear this mix, but link not working

  4. What's up with the download links lately.... Keeps wanting me to install ILIVID DOWNLOADMANAGER???? Don't need it, so don't want to download it..... Do I really need to do this to get the download links? Please don't destroy an excellent site.....

  5. Thanks a bunch for fixing the link.

  6. Thank you for this.

  7. link out, please reupload,thx

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