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Fancy - "Get Your Kicks" (Special Edition Album) 1985 Hi-NRG Italo Disco Eurobeat Classic 80s EuroDisco Electro dance classic

Fancy (born Manfred Ricardo Tess Perilano, July 7, 1946) is a German Eurodance and 80s Synth-pop and Euro Disco (a.k.a. italo disco) artist who was very popular in the mid to late 1980s.
He was successful in the dance charts, topping Billboard's dance chart three times. He is renowned for his hit singles including "Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again)", "Lady of Ice", "Chinese Eyes", "Slice Me Nice" & "Flames of Love". 
Many of these were collaborations with composer and producer Anthony Monn, who previously had achieved worldwide success with French singer Amanda Lear


01 Colder Than Ice
02 Get Your Kicks
03 L.A.D.Y. O
04 Slice Me Nice
05 Chinese Eyes
06 Check It Out
07 Blood and Honey
08 In Shock
09 Slice Me Nice (Original Version '84)
10 Come Inside
11 Get Lost Tonight (Maxi Version)
12 Chinese Eyes (12'' Instrumental Mix)
13 Lady O (12'' Instrumental Mix)
14 Get Lost Tonight (7'' Instrumental Mix)

"RARE "HARD-TO-FIND" Out-Of-Print Russian
Special Edition CD Album with bonus tracks!"

Album Scores 10/10!



  1. Wow what a great post, thanks a million, All Fancy's best on one CD I remember the original vinyl version

  2. I found a copy of this album the other day in mint condition at a Joburg market, anyone know what it would be worth? It's still sealed.

  3. The vinyl LP version i got here in Australia had a special mix of Slice Me Nice/Chinese Eyes. It was track 4 on side 1. It went for 4 mins. First Slice Me Nice for 2 mins then Chinese Eyes for the remaing 2 mins. There was no other "full-lenghth" versions of those 2 songs on the LP.
    Side 1
    1-Colder than Ice 6mins
    2-Get Yr Kicks 5.50mins
    3-LADY O 4.25mins
    4-Special Mix-Slice Me Nice/Chinese Eyes 4mins
    Side 2
    1-Check It Out 6mins
    2-Blood And Honey 6.13mins
    3-In Shock 5.40mins
    There was no - Come Inside or Get Lost on this version. The (vinyl)lp # is - LP825087-1

  4. I really love yor page. Wonderful job.

    I only encounter a small problem: the autoplay.
    In a RSS reader it's a nightmare to found the article who produces the sound.

    Thank you


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