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Stirling & Tellinger - Songs from 1983 to 2002 (Best Of Album) 80's new romantic south african pop

In 1983, Stirling & Tellinger released their debut single, 'Call Me', and became one of South Africa's favourite 80's pop duos. The song became an instant radio hit and the audiences flocked to see this fresh new South African act. Their tight harmonies and simple approach to performance made them a favourite with live audiences. The video of 'Call Me' set new trends and standards in SA music video circles and was voted the 2nd Most Popular Music video at Midem in Cannes in 1984.
Stirling & Tellinger became a permanent feature on the live music circuit and in 1984 they released their second single, 'What's A Nice Girl Like You, Doing In A Place Like This', which also did very well and established S&T as a quality act to take seriously. After three years of live appearances, and a national tour, they left for the USA to record an album. This caused an unexpected break in the momentum and the album was only released about two years later as part of a TV series called 'The Star Shooters'.
After 20 years and very active individual careers, 'The Best of Stirling & Tellinger' was released on CD to bring back some good memories to those who frequented the live music venues of SA in the early 80's.
The “Call Me” video (see video here) was voted among the top two most popular videos at MIDEM in Cannes 1983.

Stirling & Tellinger

Songs from 1983 to 2002

(The Best Of Album)


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