Sunday, 28 February 2010

éVoid - éVoid (Album) 1983 [rare south african afro/pop/dance/punk band]

éVoid was a popular 1980s afro rock/pop/jive/dance/punk band in South Africa.
Their eponymous debut album was released in South Africa in 1983 resulting in major chart success to match their success as a live band.
Hits on this album are TAXIMAN; SHADOWS and I AM A FADGET
They were certainly the most successful and influential of the white punk bands to take up African images and sounds in their rebellion against apartheid. At the time they were a three piece band featuring the Windrich brothers Lucien and Erik on guitars, keyboards and vocals with Wayne Harker on drums.


  1. Hi Retro
    Man was I looking around on the net for this!!!!!
    The last time I heard this album was in '85 and really this is such a pleasure listening to this SA band and I just loved them.
    I really appreciate all your effort in finding and uploading all the excellent good'all 80's tunes and stuff that I miss listening to.
    BIG 80'S FAN....from SA in Jo'burg.

  2. "éVoid have reunited and will be touring South Africa. Here's an interview with Erik Windrich:"

  3. Another classic! So good to see some SA music online, I hope you re-up this one, following on Mixcloud.


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