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NELLO'S Disco "Durban in the 80s" club mix 1988 Italo Disco Hi-NRG Eurobeat TDK D90 vintage DJ mix

Nello's Night Club was a fabulous, glitzy and rather camp, although straight Discoteque located in Smith Street, Durban, South the 80's

"I was at High School in Durban, South Africa in the mid 80's and we used to go party here! (and also go party at "RONNYZ", "THE BASEMENT", "THE L.A Hotel"; "Raffles at the Maharani Hotel", "THE MED"; "The Malibu"; "The Rivera Hotel"; "330 Point Road" and at various "High School Discos..." jesus...remember those!)

AT "NELLO's" the music was mainly mid 80's Hi-NRG Italo Disco, and we thought the DJ was pretty amazing with his live mixing skills (the ability to mix club records well was definitally a prized skill to have in the 80's!) lol!" Nello's was most famous for it's great music + for having lights underneath the dancefloor! - which in Durban at the time, was as exciting as mankind landing on the moon!"

Nello's Night Club
Non-Stop Mix 80's
1. Rofo's Theme (12'' Maxi) - Rofo
2. Love & Devotion (12'' Maxi) - Michael Bow
3. Lazer Light (12'' Maxi) - Latin Lover
4. Runaway (with my love) (12'' Maxi) - TAPPS
5. Broken Wings (12'' Maxi) - BOY
6. You Spin Me Round (like a record) (Performance Mix)
- Dead Or Alive
7. Happy Song (45 RPM Maxi Version)- Bobby Farrel (Boney M)
8. Behind The Wheel (Maxi Mix) - Depeche Mode
9. Victim Of Pleasure (12'' Club Mix) - Mandy Smith
10. Bad Boy You (12'' Maxi-Remix) - Radiorama

This 80's mix was brought to you thanks to the hugely popular, best selling TDK D90 cassette tape!

"I remember once going into CNA (the most famous record bar in South Africa in the 80's) and seeing the TDK BLANK TAPE at Number 1 on the Official Album Chart! (with Official Albums by MADONNA at #2; PRINCE at #3; PHIL COLLINS at #4 etc on the BEST SELLERS CHART!) ha ha :)

********** Download Original Nello's Disco Mix Here :) **********

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  1. Hey! Great posts as always.
    I've got a whole night of tapes from Heaven (Marshall St, JHB) Oct 87 mixed by Andrew Woods, with no way to transfer them. Know anyone who is willing to do it?

    1. i can do it for you if you me ..

  2. Hey Marc! I used to go to Heaven on a regular basis. Those tapes must be amazing! I live in Bangkok now so a little far away.

  3. Brings back alot of really good memories, thanks for sharing.

  4. Gosh those were fun days,remember....bellas,boobs,san lorenzo,kiss,the goblet...and of course the neutral ground.... FONTANA!!:) chicken manyasa!!!!those days,poras,greeks,itais,dutchmen everyone use to go to FONTANA.

  5. I used to go and boogie at Nello's on Friday Nights with my classmates and friends what a tjol we had .We had a good time boogie boogie and more boogie

  6. Retro, I am trying to place you but just cannot. I was at Glenwood till 1982, during the course of 83/84 worked behind the bar (main bar) at Ronnyz. Frank & Martin played, Bouncer Andrew was at the gate downstairs, craig at the cash desk at the top of the stairs, John & Ernie used to alternate as managers. The good old Mr Ronnie Botha to swing by every so often to antagonize members of SAP.
    Met "Divine" through Ronnie.
    I was pretty much a fixture at Riviera, then as time went by embedded myself at 330. Marcus & Martin were great - Marcus had a wicked sense of humour !! Oh yea & the BarWench's upstairs were a hoot,

  7. That's a classic Nello's tracklisting! Pity the mix is no longer available for download

  8. Hey Anonymous,like yourself I was a regular at Ronnyz,Nellos,Zodiac etc,a great era,loved the music,the vibe ..i was also one of the resident dj's at the Riviera,along with Tony Peterse(RIP).I knew Ronn w ell and dj'd along with Frank at most of his clubs back in the day..GREAT TIMES

  9. I had a huge jol at Nellos, I remember the opening song 'Two Tribes' by Frankie goes to Hollywood was a regular fixture at the beginning of each night. Getting free vodka shots but having to pay 50c for coke. ten bucks to get in..also having half my hair jelled up and sprayed blue..double belts...sometimes 3 nights a week there , never missed ladies night on Tuesday..those were the do miss them

  10. What memories this brings back. Such incredible memories of growing up in Durbs in the 80s

  11. The owner was Nello Bonanni. I remember him well. I had a few drinks in his office. Main DJ was Allen Bailey. I played a few time there. I still have the old classic start....remember this?

  12. What a great time Durban was in 80,s. I was at Nash music for 10 years and brought in the new romantics scene to Durban singlehandedly. New Allan Bailey well, Infact I got him the job there ! Also loved Club Med!

    1. I worked at Nash (83-87), also played at Nello's while Allan was off, Ports, LA - Robert E Lee, Berea Inn, Riviera, Reggies, Raffles, Millionaires, Ruby Tuesday, CC's etc. Also had a mobile disco with the late great Tony Pieterse.

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  14. Is there still some place where you can rattle your bones today. For I'm on holiday and was thinking of taking my children. PLEASE HELP ME!

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