Sunday, 9 February 2014

RONNYZ Night Club Mix 1985 non-stop original dj mix 80s Hi-NRG Eurobeat Italo Disco DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA

This is a very rare bootleg original Hi-NRG DISCO night club mix from 1985.

Rare, because mixes like this were near impossible to get hold of back in SA in the 80's, as unlike today, DJ's were forbidden to distribute music cassette mixes.

"Home Taping Kills Music" was the motto of the day in 1985. It was all 'very illegal'. Explaining to mates at school that you got a hot music tape from a notorious gay club, like RONNYZ was a big "no no". Before the birth of the internet, you actually had to know the right people to get this type of music - especially if you wanted a master quality mix tape (like the one uploaded here :) These tracks were all played from imported 12'' maxi's , mixed live in the club with basic 80's mixers (long before the days of "Virtual DJ" and computers doing the beat mixing)

RONNYZ was said to be good fun! loads of poppers (alkyl nitrite) being fed into the air conditioning system by the owners :)

The place was one very gay/mixed party. The police would occasionally raid the club and hassle everyone. They tried to close the club down a few times

This was South Africa in the early 80's! Dangerous, fun, clubbers running from the Police all made it a great night out!


  1. Great cover!! My first taste of the nightlife was at Ronnyz; 17 years old and never having to stand outside in the line-up. 1985/86 - AWESOME VENUE! Martin McHale became the benchmark that I measured all other dj's by. I discovered my party self in that club. Super memories. I recently found my copy of a FACES mix by Frank from 1984 which I scored from a mate at school(Glenwood). Mega-Flashback!
    I would like to get a copy to you, albeit that the sound is definitely lo-fi. You know; copy of a copy of a copy(etc) on a 90min TDK cassette.

    Thanks for posting this mix, mate.
    Who knows - we may have grooved together between those 4 pillars of speakers....

    If you want a copy - itzphilatgmaildotcom

    cheers bro

  2. Hi there
    I was a regular at Ronnyz from its opening night until I left the country in '86 - a friend and I even ran a hot dog concession from behind the bar for a short while.
    But I have to let you down a little - it was very far from wild...quite genteel really. The poppers in the a/c was a myth that went back to Ronnyz precursor; Zodiac and as for sex in the corners.....I wish! Plenty of getting pissed, poppers and spliffing up outside and dancing though. Best couple of years of my life. And to confirm the previous post, Martin McHale was the dj from day one.

  3. Hi, I was there too. No wild sex in the club. Plenty of people (freely) using poppers. Not that many police raids.

  4. Track # 21
    Dr Groove - Midnight Maniac 1984 (italo disco)


  5. Wish I could manage to download this....


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