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NEW RELEASE! PATRICK COWLEY - "Mechanical Fantasy Box" (Book/Journal) 📚 (2019 Dark Entries)

PATRICK COWLEY - "Mechanical Fantasy Box" (Book/Journal) 📚 (2019 Dark Entries)
Just finished reading the newly published journal of Electronic / Hi-NRG legendary producer/artist Patrick Cowley!
A very intimate look directly at his private thoughts and 'activities', from the early 70s until 1980... This is very much an 'underground' book, unedited and definitely uncensored.. but strangely beautifully written. (the way he describes his daily experiences is sometimes like.. a form of art/song writing) It's highly private - outrageous, but totally see the creative value, and understand why the people closest to him wanted to publish it.
Patrick does cover some thoughts on his music production, his personal friendships, but a huge part of his private journal covers his sexual adventures with both men and women (some well known names get mentioned too) He was both a wizz with his synthersizer, and even a bigger star playing the organ!
Patrick, a good American/Irish Catholic, often be seen, on his knees, "worshiping at the alter".. Doing a lot of 'community service'.. 🙏 Amen! warning note: this book is outrageous!
[you get the idea]

Some interesting music facts & previously unspoken connections I picked up from reading his journal: Patrick Cowley's remix of DONNA SUMMER/Giorgio Moroder "I FEEL LOVE" was released in 1982. (but Patrick mentions in his journal way back in 1977 that he just completed the remix for Casablanca Records, and that he was excited by what he produced and was awaiting feedback from Casablanca) I remember years ago reading how it was such a big deal, Moroder's US "I FEEL LOVE" Master Multitrack tape had to be personally collected and driven from LA to SF.
(1) In 1977 Patrick was not making Hi-NRG music.
(2) Having access in 1977 to Giorgio Moroder's full studio multi-track master tape for "I FEEL LOVE" most definitely inspired, enabled and greatly accelerated Patrick Cowley, to move forward more quickly in developing the SF Hi-NRG sound. That would have been Key.🔑
(3) Moroder's multi track master would (in part) become Cowley's structured template. [what a gift for an open minded young 27 year old electronic music creator in the 70s]
With Donna Summer's vocal performance, Moroder set the standard very high.
(4) Sylvester would become Cowley's Donna Summer.
Well worth getting if you're a Patrick Cowley fan, and/or interested in the underground/artistic side of pre aids San Francisco in the 70s-80s
These highly niche journal publications tend to have limited/small production runs (and quickly become rare collectors items). The book is printed in Berlin, Germany. Very thick quality paper 👍
I pre-ordered this in October 18th from Amazon, and it arrived just after Christmas. (Book Publication date: 22 Dec 2019)
Appreciate the high quality, uniquely original work DARK ENTRIES produce. Lots of attention to detail, exclusive/previously unseen artwork. Beautifully produced with passion & imagination. They go beyond.. 🚀🌙 Josh Cheon (in San Francisco) & his team (in Berlin) - thank you, for making 'art'
Special Thanks to Giorgio Moroder for inspiring everybody!
(Giorgio Moroder has always named Walter/Wendy Carlos as his original inspiration - famous for scoring the Stanley Kubrick film music - like the 1972 "Clockwork Orange" etc)
💡Retro NEW Project Suggestion:
Dark Entries could do something with Wendy Carlos (she's just turned 80 years old and is still very active)
RARE: Wendy Carlos Interview 1989 BBC Two
🏆 BEST PRICE DEAL: (Free Worldwide Shipping) from Book Depository [thanks Andrew Wood for sharing this]…/9781942884545…


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