Monday, 12 November 2018

The Story Of High Energy Music (Ian Levine's perspective) 3 Hour Film Documentary (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!)

The Story Of High Energy Music (from Ian Levine's perspective) 

Never seen before, not until now, this detailed history was filmed in 2002 and has now been made available for the fans. It contains some treasured interviews of people no longer with us. Bear in mind when watching people's comments that they spoke is of them over sixteen years ago. This is a cut down edited version from the original seven hours, so therefore, over half of the artists credited on it, are omitted from this version, which we edited together as a greatest hits version.

Thanks to Ian Levine for putting this online
[this video is hosted exclusively on his YouTube channel]

Additional Notes:
The Story Of High Energy Music (from Ian Levine's perspective)

 Ian Levine says he "invented Hi-NRG music in 1983", we all know Patrick Cowley (who already died by 1982), Bobby Orlando, Denis LePage (Lime) and many others had created massive Hi-NRG Hits, legendary albums, many years before. (The Flirts, Sylvester, Roni Griffith, Divine, Lime etc)

Nonetheless, Ian Levine certainly took High-Energy to another level of commercial success, and made Record Shack and his artists known stars around the world. 

Some very RARE interviews, interesting historical facts and stories are told - interviewed by Ian Levine around 2001/2002 [approx 16/17 years ago] 


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  1. Muchas gracias por este gran aporte , porque es conocer mas , sobre la musica que disfrutamos en los 80's, que para mi fue la mejor decada bailable.


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