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Boom Boom Room - Stretch (Expanded CD Album with Remixes) 1986 synth pop 80s "OUT OF PRINT" VERY RARE CD 2017

Boom Boom Room - Stretch (Expanded CD Album with Remixes)

Album Tracklisting

02-Love Your Face
03-Piece Of The Times
04-Here Comes The Man (Album Version)
05-Hurting Serenade
06-Lisa's Eyes
07-Uncertain Feeling
08-Big Chance
09-Take Your Time
10-Future King

bonus tracks

11-Here Comes The Man (12'' Extended Mix) 1986
12-Love Your Face (Extended Version) 1987
13-Julie (Extended Version) 1987
14-Take Your Time (Extended Remix) 1986
15-Magic Boy (Single) [original early version of 'Julie'] 1986

Boom Boom Room 'Stretch' (Expanded 1986 CD Album with 12'' Remixes) 2017

Boom Boom Room  was a mid 80s British male vocal/instrumental pop group, comprising Andy Nakanza (vocals), Skid (drums), Inz (bass), and Lushi (rhythm guitar & bass). Lushi was also in a band called One the Juggler. They had one single in the UK Singles Chart, "Here Comes The Man", which entered the chart on 8 March 1986, and reached #74; it was in the chart for one week.

Internationally, the band had greater success.  In South Africa, the single "Here Comes The Man" was a major chart and radio play success.  The track was featured in a Southern African TV Commercial for "Storm Deodorant", and to this day the track is remembered as an 80s Hit and featured on many SA CD compilations.  The music video officially released on Absolute 80s Music Video DVD compilation series, in Southern Africa.




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