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FANTASY - "Fantasy" (Album) 1979 disco rock dance pop 70s RARE "Hard To Find" LP


South African band formed in Johannesburg in 1977. On this album (“Fantasy”) the members were:
• Richard (Lolly) Peterson – Lead vocals;
• Ashley Brokensha – Guitars, vocals;
• Derek de Beer – Drums, percussion, vocals;
• Costa Anadiotis – Keyboards, vocals;
• Chris Ghelakis – Bass guitar.

The band had a radio hit single "I Found Love"
Their 1979 CBS Records full album "Fantasy" was released on LP and Cassette first in South Africa, then Greece.
The band undertook a tours of South Africa & Greece for many months doing successful gigs for many months to promote the Greek album release.
A1 Baby I'm In Love
A2 I Found Love
A3 Terri
A4 I Want You
B1 Night Ride
B2 What's The Verdict
B3 I Thought That I Knew You Well
B4 Don't Break The Spell
Backing vocals on this album: Malie Kelly and Suzy Smith (on “What’s the verdict”).
Other members over the years:
• Malie Kelly – Lead vocals (left in 1979);
• Suzy Smith – Lead vocals (replaced Malie Kelly);
• Trevor Gordon – Bass;
• John Kotze – Bass;
• Kim Kallie (Margino) – Lead vocals, joined in 1983;
• Julia Jade Aston – Lead vocals (replaced Kim Kallie in 1984).
In 1979 “Fantasy” supported “The Temptations” on tour in South Africa, and in 1980 they toured Greece for several months.
This song is off the album “Fantasy”, released in 1979.
Produced by Hilton Rosenthal and Fantasy
Recorded in The Satbel Studios by Peter Thwaites
(member of FANTASY would go on to be very successful in their own projects)
Multi Instrumentalist Costa Anadiotis would later create successful Hi-NRG project, CAFE SOCIETY, having worldwide dance hits in mid 80s on PASSION RECORDS with "Somebody To Love", "Relight My Fire" and the #1 pop hit "WOODPECKERS FROM SPACE"
Producer Hilton Rosenthal, would have international success producing PEOPLE LIKE US "Midnight Lover", "Deliverance", "Fighting For Our Lives" and major worldwide success with South African world music chart pop acts Johnny Clegg / Juluka / Suvaka via his own MINC Record label. (distributed by EMI)
Chris Ghelakis went on to create many successful selling pop/dance productions, most importantly forming CSR Records, in the early 90s first having success with original artist productions, then major international success with quality dance cover productions into the late 90s with the huge selling 100% Dance/RnB/Soul Series.  Producing current sounding dance cover versions for the global market.


"A Very Rare Disco Rock Album"

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