Friday, 29 July 2016

RETRO FUTURE 1 - A Dark Outrun and Obscure Synthwave Mix (non-stop dj mix) electronic dance

mixed by DJ Xyntec
The year is 1996. The Future. The heaven over the port looks like a TV switched to a dead channel. Dark and obscure people wandering through the streets. Deadly screams and scary echos dominating the city. It is a cold night.
But nethertheless strange creatures are coming by. Meeting each other at a club called "The String". They forget about their origin. Their aim, their rivality. They are here to enjoy the last few hour they may have. They are here to dance. And this is their sound ...
DJ's note: My favorite Synthwave tunes combined into one Mix. There are many other great artists who I would loved to include into this mix, but didn't fit in the end. Bands like Dan Ternimus, Fantastisizer, Kavinski and many more went off, because I wanted to keep this mix within CD-length's limit. I am sure they will be included next time :-)
Thanks to all the featured artists, who made this compilation DJ mix possible.

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