Monday, 28 March 2016

JOHN FOXX - Underpass (Mark Reeder Remixes) 2010 electro disco synth pop 80s electronic new wave classic

01 John Foxx - Underpass (Mark Reeder's Sinister Subway Radio Mix)
02 John Foxx - Underpass (Mark Reeder's Sinister Subway Remix)
03 John Foxx - Underpass (Mark Reeder's Dark Long and Sinister Remix)
"Underpass" is a song by UK artist John Foxx, and was released as a single in January 1980. It was the artist's first solo single release after leaving the band Ultravox and the first single release from the Metamaticalbum, which was released shortly after. The track remains Foxx's best known song as is generally considered to be one of the most iconic songs of the electronic new wave trend.
The song typically features music made using synthesisers and electronic percussion only, and the vocal in the verses is delivered in a cold robotic style by Foxx, with an anthemic single word chorus. The lyrics featureBallardian themes such as memory, architecture, dystopia and cars. There are no great differences in length or content between the album and single version, although an extended version did emerge years later and was used as the opening track on the Metatronic compilation album in 2010.
The single reached no. 31 in the UK charts and was performed by Foxx with three keyboard players on UK music show Top of the Pops. A promotional video for the song was also made.
"Underpass" is featured on all John Foxx's compilation albums Assembly (1982), Modern Art - The Best of John Foxx (2001), Glimmer - Best of John Foxx (2008) and Metatronic (2010). The latter features the extended version and a new remix by Mark Reeder.
"An Icon 80s Synth Classic"



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