Thursday, 14 January 2016

SOUTH AFRICAN DANCE CLASSICS - Various Artists 80s & 90s (2CD Set) RARE 12 Inch Remixes Hi-NRG Disco Electro Synth Dance Funky Dance

Disk 1
01-Hot R.S - House Of The Rising Sun (Radio Edit) 4:43
02-Juluka - Fever (12 Inch Dance Mix) 6:26
03-Brenda & The Big Dudes - Weekend Special (Original Mix) 4:38
04-Hugh Masekela - Don't Lose It Baby (Stretch Mix) 3:34
05-Via Afrika - Hey Boy (US Mix) 6:12
06-Cafe Society - Somebody To Love (Radio Edit) 4:15
07-Buffalo feat Peter Vee - Magic Carpet Ride (12 Inch Version) 4:24
08-PJ Powers & Steve Kekana - Feel So Strong (Dance Mix) 5:58
09-Wooden Idols - Hey Baby (Dance Mix) 4:32
10-Evoid - I Am A Fadget (12'' Mix) 5:34
11-Yvonne Chaka Chaka - Umquombothi (Norman Cooke Remix) 5:01
12-Foot C Foot C - These Boots Are Made For Walking (Single Mix) 3:25
13-People Like Us - Deliverance (12 Inch Version) 6:57
14-Cafe Society - Relight My Fire (Hot Mix) 7:59
Disk 2
01-Pocket Lips - It's Amazing (2015 Remix) 3:10
02-Cafe Society - Woodpeckers From Space (Single Mix) 3:47
03-Paul Almeida feat Candice - Angel (Extended Mix) 7:28
04-Shiraz - Fighting For Our Lives (Maxi Version) 6:51
05-Viva - Don't Turn Your Love Away (12 Inch Mix) 5:03
06-Wendy Oldfield - Acid Rain (Eric M Remix) 7:24
07-Foot C Foot C - Top Of The World (Single Mix) 4:01
08-Soulstar - Somebody's Watching Me (Soulstar Mix) 6:21
09-Ronnie J - The Year 2000 (Single Mix) 3:55
10-Hey Fever - The Sneezing Song (12 Inch Mix) 6:29
11-The Dynamics - Thugs (Boom Mix) 5:06
12-Tails Out - What Makes You Dance (12 Inch Mix) 5:45
13-People Like Us - Reincarnation (Coming Back For Love) (Dance Mix) 7:01
14-Lolly Peterson - Dial My Number (12 Inch Mix) 4:38
 "Picked up this New Official Release SA DANCE CLASSICS 2CD set at Johannesburg International Airport duty free shop while on a pop in visit to SA
28 Rare Tracks.
Most of the Masters are taken directly from
Some of the tracks they have used are actually exclusive RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG re-edited versions
(Wooden Idols - Hey Baby (Dance Mix) / Wendy Oldfield - Acid Rain (Eric M Remix) / Lolly Peterson - Dial My Number (12 Inch Mix)
We re-edited these tracks years ago when posting on the site, to make best quality versions.
We estimate 85% of SA DANCE CLASSICS 28 tracks masters have been taken directly from the RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG blog.  We're pleased UK / USA / EUROPEAN and SOUTH AFRICAN record companies have made use our "Rare / Hard To Find" masters from our blog for their official commercial releases
(but to date, they never thank us for helping in their credits)
We would send record companies BEST QUALITY MASTERS if they just ask (as taking recordings from YouTube for official CD pressed releases is not best available quality for fans)
We run the blog help "KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE" and happy to help and share Masters to make best quality commercial releases possible 
It's well worth purchasing this official 2CD set as contains some very rare South African Dance classics!
Catalogue Number # CDBOSS033
We have a ton of SA track ideas & available quality masters in our vault and happy to share the best mix masters to support a SA DANCE CLASSICS Volume 2
just ask :) 


  1. Wow this release is very exciting! Pity they stole some of your (our?) work for the compilation. A simple mention on the sleeve would have been suffice ;) Keep up the good work dude, keep it coming!

    1. i love the release and purchased every copy of the 2CD set available at JHB airport :) I encourage everyone to support the release as its a bargain at only R99.00. Only too happy for record companies to use the tracks and even more happy to provide them with BEST QUALITY MASTERS. We do this for free and would never ask for payment. If that want to mention us (and others who help) on the credits that's welcome too And you're right, it's big thanks to the fans around the world who contribute rare mixes and material to the site that make the content unique & special :) RETRO x

  2. Hi Retro this is one great album love it lots.Do you have the pop shop albums that was famous in the 70s and 80s or do you know where i can find them please please.Thank you

  3. Hi... can this still be downloaded

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