Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Energy Voice - Baby Goodbye (Dr. Beat Extended Remix) 2015 italo disco hi nrg eurobeat 80s PROMO MIX

"A Fun & Raw Sounding New Generation Hi-NRG Italo Disco tune! Love the crazy 'Cowbells' & raw live club mixing sound on this"

Italobox - Clayback Productions: https://www.facebook.com/italobox.cla...
Produced by Clay Productions
Recorded by Clay Productions Studio
Mixed by Sándor Ferenc Halász

Instrument played by Clay

Music Expert: Imre Haluska
Music Assistant: Ildikó Fábián

BABY GOOD BYE (Song words / Lyrics)
I’m waiting your call but you don’t do
You always promise, what should I do
Summer’s here I’m waiting for You
Call my number I’m so blue.

And there is an end of it
You have lost me bit by bit
I won’t be anymore a dove
I put an end to our love

You don’t have to call me anymore
‘cause all this story will me bore.
It is not worth crying me for
Baby good bye

You don’t have to call me anymore
You will not wipe with me the floor
Why should You have me shown the door
Baby good bye

Days and months have flown away
Ever since I lost my matter the gray
Someone should show me my way
My head ‘sbeen in a wirl to this day

And there is...


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