Wednesday, 10 June 2015

80s EUROBEAT non-stop mix (PWL Hi-NRG Italo Disco Synth-Pop Dance)


1.toy boy - sinitta
2.boys - sabrina
3.together forever - rick astley came - kim wilde
5.supersonic level - antonella
6.crazy for you - vanessa
7.turn it up - michael davidson
8.bad communication - B'z on the moon - aleph
10.alleluia - michael fortunati
11.upside down - coo coo
12.i heard a rumour - bananarama two three - max coveri & radiorama
14.give me up - michael fortunati
15.i wanna be your love - rose
16.abcd - radiorama
17.d.j. i wanna be your record - moulin rouge
18.into the night - michael fortunati the name of love - finzy kontini me - mela
21.soft time - sophie
22.power of magic - alphatown my friend - eddy huntington
24.i cry for you - shy rose
25.bang bang - frank torpedo
26.jive into the night - masaru narita


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