Monday, 5 May 2014

Norma Lewis - "It's Gonna Happen" (Album) 1983 [Special Deluxe Hits Edition] 2014 hi-nrg disco 80s


Norma Lewis is a well know Hi-NRG Disco singer from the 80s whos hits include
Maybe This Time; Break Me; Got To Get To You; The Fight (For The Single Family);
Life Is The Reason; For All We Know; Tonight (Dancing With The Deperate)
& Victim Of Love. 
01 - Life Is The Reason
02 - You've Got Something
03 - (Give Me Back) Just A Little Piece Of My Heart
04 - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
05 - When Loving You (Remix)
06 - Maybe This Time (Remix)
07 - For All We Know (12'' Maxi)
08 - Tonight (Dancing With The Deperate)
09 - Victim Of Love (Hot Tracks Mix)
10 - Break Me (Hi-NRG Mix)
11 - Got To Get To You (12'' Maxi)
12 - Give Me Back My Heart (12'' Maxi)
13 - The Fight (For The Single Family) (12'' Maxi)
14 - Maybe This Time (Extended Version)
15 - Got To Get To You (Almighty Club Mix)
Norma Lewis will be performing LIVE at Birmingham Pride 2014 in the UK on Sunday MAY 25th 2014
"A fantastic Hi-NRG disco diva who deserves to have
an official GREATEST HITS DELUXE EDITION release!"
SCORES 10/10!


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