Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Jack Mix - In Full Effect (LP Non-stop Mix) 1988 [more non-stop hot hits] 80's

Each song is a medley of UK dance hits remade by Mirage.
All instruments played by Nigel Wright, Nigel Stock, John Davies & Robin Sellars.
Vocals by Kiki Billy, Nicos Griffiths & Carlos Griffiths.
Recorded at Skratch Studios, Chertsey, Surrey.

Jack Mix contains following songs:
01. Beat Dis
02. Push Beat
03. Just a Mirage
04. Let's All Chant
05. That's the Way It Is
06. Doctorin' the House
07. I Want You Back
08. Theme from S-Express
09. Bust this House Down
10. A Love Supreme
11. Tell It to My Heart
12. Who's Leaving Who
13. Rok Da House
14. Tired of Getting Pushed Around
15. Bass (How Long Can You Go)
16. Got to Be Certain
17. Who Found Who
18. Pink Cadillac
19. G.T.O.
20. House Arrest
21. I Should Be So Lucky
22. Shake Your Love
23. When I Think of You
24. Tighten Up - Just Can't Stop Dancin'
25. Cross My Broken Heart
26. Set It Off
27. Oh L'amour
28. Packjammed (With the Party Posse)
29. Boogie Oogie Oogie
30. Jingo
31. I Can't Help It
32. Somewhere Somebody

Pebble Mix contains following songs:
01. Just a Mirage
02. Girlfriend
03. The Payback Mix Part 1
04. I Need a Man
05. I'm Not Scared
06. Come into My Life
07. I Want You Back
08. Say It Again
09. Love Changes (Everything)
10. Never Knew Love Like This
11. I Get Weak
12. Heaven Is a Place on Earth
13. I Want Her
14. Don't Turn Around
15. Heart
16. Dreaming
17. Don't Look Any Further
18. I Don't Want to Be a Hero

Hip Hop Mix contains following songs:
01. I Want Her
02. I'm So Happy
03. I Won't Cry
04. Good Groove
05. I Want You Back '88
06. Packjammed (With the Party Posse)
07. It Takes Two
08. The Payback Mix Part 1
09. Get Lucky
10. Hey Mr. Heartache
11. Intervention
12. Wild Wild West

Thanks to DJ $wannie for the LP rip


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