Saturday, 10 December 2011

KYM SIMS 'Too Blind To See It' (CD Maxi Mixes) 1991 dance house classic 90's "Hard-To-Find" DANCE ANTHEM MEGA HIT!

Kym Sims (born 23 August 1966) is an American singer, whose biggest success came outside her home market. Sims began her career as an advertising jingle singer before breaking through into the dance music market.
Working with four time Grammy Award-nominated record producer Steve Hurley, her dance anthem, "Too Blind to See It", spent 12 weeks on the UK Singles Chart over the festive period of 1991/1992.

"I have very fond memories of this rather camp, pumping
"piano rift" early 90's dance anthem.
A VERY BIG HIT for Kim Sims at the time!
(but very rare today, almost a 'lost',
forgotten club anthem,
which is what makes it so cool!  :) "
Scores 10/10!

01 - Too Blind To See It (Hurley's 'No Rap' House Mix) (3.34)  1991
02 - Too Blind To See It (Hurley's House Mix) (5.10)  1991
03 - Too Blind To See It (Original Soul Mix) (3.56)  1991
04 - Too Blind To See It (Hurley's House Dub) (6.27)  1991
05 - Too Blind To See It (Maurice's SuperDub Mix) (6.59)  1991


  1. Any chance of a repost or a torrent or email? I cannot find this single anywhere. I have the full album but loved the remixes!

  2. Can you please re-post. I wanna hear Maurice's Dub again! Thanks :)

  3. please..please re up...

  4. could you please re up the link....would love this...Thank you

  5. Check out her latest 2013 release "Good Morning" at

  6. KYM SIMS is back & is currenlty working with 4 time Grammy Award winner/producer Maurice Joshua. The NEW dance track is called "Good Morning." Available at:

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  8. Hey SIMSATIONALS! The wait is over.

    THE KYM SIMS FANSITE is now open in conjunction with the release of the new single, 'Wit My Life.' With all the new projects ahead we felt this was the time to do it.

    Kym is ready to 'make a scene in 2015' and we hope you are all ready for the exciting ride ahead......'u betta hear what I'm sayin!'

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