Monday, 22 August 2011

BART Bay Area Retrograde (volume 1) 80's Underground SF Hi-NRG Electro New Wave Synth-Pop VERY RARE TRACKS!

mixed rare tracks compilation
80's underground SF Hi-NRG Electro
1. Nominal State – Middle Class
2. Batang Frisco – Power
3. Necropolis of Love – Talk
4. Wasp Women – Kill Me
5. Distant Thunder – Tin Soldiers
6. Voice Farm – Voyeur
7. Danny Boy and the Serious Party Gods – Castro Boy
8. Quiet Room – Yangtzee River
9. Los Microwaves – Silent Screamers
10. Standard Of Living – N.F.A.
11. Units – Mission


  1. I will to download more rare album. Saludos, gracias. Hector Rodrigues

  2. I had no idea this Bay Area compilation existed at all..till now! Always liked the Voice Farm and Los Microwaves records and of course the classic Danny Boy track but as for artists like Wasp Women and Batang Frisco, they never came across my radar.

    The article you posted was totally fascinating reading, there has always been a weird, camp, alien element to SF such as the Cockettes back in the late 60s and of course bands like Chrome and Flipper which though considered 'punk' always had so much more going for them so I guess it was natural that the early 80s synth based bands from SF would also have their own unique identity and sound.

    This blog is on fire, so many great posts.

  3. Please re-up.


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