Tuesday, 24 May 2011

EMPIRE STATE OF ITALO - Non-Stop Mix 2011 (Flemming Dalum) DJ MIX 2011

NIGHTLESS – Crasy Nights (Spago records 1984)
PEET NEED - Slow & Easy (Unreleased)
EIN-ST-EIN – Varsavia (Celesta records 1985)
SYNTHETIC MACHINES – Roland MKS 30 + PG 200 (Upcoming Aube release)
NEGRO – Space Opera (Money Moon Records 1985)
JAIRO – Night Woman (Scarabes Sound 1985)
RUINS – Your Love (Minimal Wave 2010/1984)
SYNTHETIC MACHINES - Casio CZ 101(Upcoming Aube release)
TEST-ONE – Dreamer (Blue Rose 1983)
RUINS – Pure Desire (Minimal Wave 2010/1984)
KEEN K - Touch Me (Upcoming Radio Cosmos release)
SANDY SAMUEL - I Like Sado Music (Movie 1982)
PLUTA CONNEXION - Data Transfer (Rocktppus 1982)
TRUE COLORS – Limit (Les Folies records 1984)
MANHATTAN PROJECT – Guinnesmen (City Records 1986)
SUB BURB - Ghostflight remix (Unreleased)
JOE CICCA - Brut Brut (Roger records 1981)
FRED VENTURA - When I Let You Down K&C edit (Unreleased)
STEVE DAVIL - Shake Me Up (Eyes 1984)
MARIO MORETTI - In Love With Nebula (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
MODEL MAN - Forever Strangers (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
TONY COOK – On The Floor (Music Master Benelux 1985)
THE AURAL EXCITERS – Chinese Rap (Move 1983)
MIKE SALTA – Cosmic Run (Unreleased)
MANDRILLO - MR DJ (Borgatti 1977)
KATIA - Io Senza Di Te (UNIPRES 1987)
MATZO & PAULI – G.D.C. (Cyber Dance 2009)
KEEN K - Ouverture Imaginaire (Upcoming Radio Cosmos release)
DEN HAAN – Gods From Outer Space (The Courier Of Death 2011)
CHATO - No No No (City Records 1985)
MODEL MAN - Slipping Out Of My Hands (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
SUB BURB - Ghostflight (Unreleased)
JIMMY MC FOY - Do You Believe (Delivery Records 2008)
DEN HAAN – Universal Energy (The Courier Of Death 2011)
MARIO MORETTI - Safety Station (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
LOOPSIDE – File Of Love Savino mix (Unreleased)
MORBIUS - Killing For (Unreleased)
CAPTAIN TORKIVE - Gayrock Christian's frwctrl edit (New Angels Records 1980)
DAVID VUNK & BEN LA DESH – Turner (Unreleased)
DECIBEL - Indigestione Disko Marcello Giordani Unsusual edit (Spaghetti Records 1979)
K. BYTES - Space Invaders (F.I.R. Record)
WOLFRAM feat. PAUL PARKER – Out of Control (Permanent Vacation 2011)
JAN DEMIS – Preludio (Disco In 1983)
ORO – Sexy Lady (Fans 1978)
BLUSH – Lift Off Christian's frwctrl edit (Carnaby 1979)
ALBA feat. FRED VENTURA – Without You DUB (Upcoming Aube release)
MODEL MAN - How Do I Get You To Do (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
A.T.R.O.X. – The Journey (Contempo records 1984)
NEUROX – A Raving Night F. Dalum & S. Gjerulff Remix (Upcoming Moustache records)
Mike Salta (also for the artwork!), Alex Biedermann, Kai Lüdeling, Enrico Savino, Otto Kraanen, Michael Künzer and AUBE Records, Andrew Gardiner, Matthew Aldworth, Wolfram Eckers, Dennis vd Berg, Frederic Bergamaschi, David Vunk, James Penrose, Alan Chan, Marcello Giordani, Steen Gjerulff, Iventi crew, Filippo Bachini, Peter Nederpelt, Ron Steusfij, Alex / EURO-FLASH, Veronica Vasicka, Claudio Barro and NEUROX!

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