Saturday, 26 March 2011

AZUL Y NEGRO "The Night" [La Noche] (12'' Maxi) 1982 Hi-NRG Italo Disco 80's [blue & black] Eurobeat


  1. Huge huge thanks for sharing the Azul Y Negro 'The Night' release in such amazingly high quality and for posting the video! I have a few tracks by them but until this point like most 'italo' artists I have never seen their faces till now!

    What a performance! and what analog kit! It actually looks like they were doing it live! Amazing how good this tracks sounds nearly 30 years down the line.

    Anymore early eighties Italo/electronic music would be most appreciated as you definitely have an audience for the early roots of Hi-Energy and dance music..well an audience of one definitely! Though I imagine like all blogs there has been a fair few downloads but very little thanks!!

  2. hum hum ! azul y negro were 100% spanish not italians. The were from a movement called tecnopops during the spanish period know as "La movida" and were inspired by omd and kraftwerk but with more rapid bpm : enjoy this :

  3. Sorry Cagliostro, I should have made it a little clearer in my comments about Azul Y Negro being a Spanish band whose style fitted in with a similar sound in early eighties Italy, that is why I put 'Italo' in quotation marks but I should at least have mentioned where they were from!

    I love their early albums like La Edad De Los Colores, La Noche and Digital, they were so ahead of their time (though I must admit I do pitch down some of their 'fast' tracks, 135BPM is a little to much for me lol.

    I had no idea there was an entire movement of which Azul Y Negro were a part, I am definitely going to check out the 'La Movida' sound...the Valencia sound of the early nineties by artists such as German Bou & Rafael Garcia were very dear to my heart as they were very popular in the northern England 'rave' scene..thanks for the info.

  4. I have just seen Azul y Negro in concert here in Spain, Valladolid. They sounded pretty good, although with moré electric guitarra and solos than before. There is only one former member, Carlos Vaso. I'm glad you like Spanish music.


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