Saturday, 23 March 2013

NEW ORDER - "Substance Abuse" (Remix Album) [rare bootleg] 80's Hi-NRG synth pop electro hi-nrg eurobeat DJ ONLY REMIXES RARE!!!

Tracklist1. Blue Monday (DMC Mix) 7:11 Remix - Paul Dakeyne*
2. 5-8-6 (Razormaid Mix) 5:25 Remix - Art Maharg
3. Perfect Kiss (Hot Tracks Mix) 8:54 Remix - Mark Trollan*
4. Subculture (Razormaid Mix V2.0) 8:31 Backing Vocals [Additional] - Debora Iyall Remix - Joseph Watt
5. Bizarre Love Triangle (Hot Tracks Mix) 7:48 Remix - Steve Bourasa
6. Touched By The Hand Of God (Razormaid Mix) 5:40 Remix - Art Maharg
7. Fine Time (Prime Cuts Mix) 5:54 Remix - Howard Prince , Phillip Columbus
8. Subculture (Razormaid Mix V3.0) 6:56 Remix - Joseph Watt
9. Bizarre Love Triangle (Razormaid Mix) 6:22 Remix - Art Maharg
10. Confusion (DMC Mix) 5:24 Remix - Dimitri*
11. True Faith (Future Mix / Disco Tech Mix) 5:28 Remix - DJ Vlad, DJ Sonic* , Roy McLeod
NotesClaims to be a Factory Records release. Disc Matrix is scratched out. Compilation of DJ service remixes. Add'l backing vocals on 4 by Debora Iyall - unique to this remix.
Scores 10/10!


  1. Big thanks for the reupload of this old album, and another big thanks for using my videos!

  2. Ha, I think this is the one I uploaded, many years ago. I was impressed by all the rare tracks out there and wanted to contribute something I didn't think anyone else had uploaded. San Francisco in the '90s had a big "DJs only" scene, with Razormaid and Go Girl! being standouts. I bought the CD in a long-gone little record store in the Castro that seemed to cater to DJs in gay dance clubs.

  3. share please

  4. how do you download this album ?? I'm new here.

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