Friday, 23 July 2010

Eddy Huntington - Singles Remixed (Album) 1988 italo disco 80's classic hit "U.S.S.R"

Edward "Eddy" Huntington (born 29 October 1965) is a pop star from the UK, popular in Scandinavia, Europe and the former USSR.
Huntington was born in the north east of England and moved to London at the age of 18, where he became a music video extra and model.
He was discovered by Baby records, an Italian record label who took him to Milan to record the song "USSR" written by fellow italo disco singer Tom Hooker.
When "USSR" was released throughout Europe in 1986 on ZYX Records it became a hit in mainland Europe and in the Soviet Union and is widely popular to this day. Huntington's other hits are "May Day", "Meet My Friend" and "Up & Down". He also released his debut album "Bang Bang Baby" in 1988.
In 2005 Huntington made a brief return to music opening the hugely popular Discotechka 80's concerts in Russia


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