Sunday, 9 June 2013

DYNAMIX VOL 3 - non-stop dance remix (Various Artists) c 1991 House Eurobeat Electro Dance PWL 90's

c 1991

(if anyone has Dynamix - Volume 2, please send MP3's & Artwork links to
as will allow us to complete the x3 volume series :)



  1. Hello

    I found your site a couple of weeks ago ... WOW!
    I have spent hours and hours downloading and listening to some amazing stuff - stuff I never thought I woudl get to hear again !!

    Just seen that you have uploaded the DYNAMIX3 CD ... ANY CHANCE you have DYNAMIX 2 Double LP ??? That was fantastic ... I beg your pardon - dance sum more - quik quik etc ...

    1. @DJ Barbie - I have Dynamix 2 - no quick quick, no i beg your pardon, no dance sum more. Tracklist:

      Side A
      Pacific 202 - 808 state
      That beauty is you - blue mercedes
      NRG - adamski
      One night in my life - akasa
      Move to move - kon kan
      Sugar daddy - thompson twins
      Where do we go - ten city
      Get up - technotronic
      Work it out - steve silk hurley
      Cold world - steve silk hurley

      Side B:
      Dont push it - ruthjoy
      Owwww - chunky a
      We got our own thang - heavy d and the boyz
      Let the rhythm pump - doug lazy
      Suspicious - ten city
      Im every woman - chaka khan
      Cat woman - cat
      Boogie woogie bugle boy - company b
      Little sister- little sister

      Only got the cassette - and no cassette player...

    2. DJ Barbie , You referring to the first Dynamix double album .

  2. Hey there!

    Great stuff! I had this album on tape in those days. Man did I love this. Hope someone has the first two non-stops albums in the DYNAMIX range as well. Your site is THE BEST one out there where I really found all the good oll 80's tracks etc. I loved.

    Many thanx again for all your effort and keep up those 80's Disco and rare stuff on your blog.


  3. Hey, Thanks for putting this one up. It's one I'd completely forgotten about. When High Energy Double Dance under WOM collapsed into a heap of bad administration, I was free to work elsewhere. Did a number of compilations for RPM and TUSK. "AFW" are my initials... Andrew F. Wood.
    Would still like to hear from you sometime.

  4. Please upload again... I would love to have these! All 3 Volumes, please, please! XXX

  5. These vinyl compilation available from mabu vinyl cape town

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