Sunday, 30 October 2011

ANDY FORRAY "Drac's Back" (Original 12'' Disco Maxi) 1979 cult kinky classic "Out-Of-Print" VERY RARE!!!!

"Drac's Back.....
I wanna suck your! ....................
ooohh Dracula!"
"Drac's Back" was a kinky 1979 novelty disco record by British Actor/Singer Andy Forray. The song was a cult underground disco hit around the world!
"I remember first hearing this song as a six year old kid when my parents used to have house parties and braais (Barbecues) in South Africa in the 70's & 80's! I remember the mothers all used to shrill with excitement when this record was played...(on our very loud 1970's "Blaupunkt" Hi-Fi"
which used to overheat, start smoking and occasionally burst into flames! about wild parties!"

"They're easy pickin's at the discotheque
I leave them feeling like they've been in a wreck
You know they wake up all wasted
And they never ever check
Those two small holes that I leave in their neck
Well if they were wise They would soon realize
They're not hung over
They're just vampir-ized'Cause
Drac's Back...I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Dracula!) Drac's back...
I went to New York City once to make my mark,
I checked in at the Waldorf in the name of Count Shark.
I used to prowl that city when it was dark
'Til one night someone mugged me out in Central Park
So I had to go away, for many a day
But I'm such a nifty healer that I'm still here to say
Drac's back.. I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Dracula!)
Drac's back..."


  1. Many thanks for sharing the lyrics to Drac's Back! There were a few words I could never catch and what I thought it said was way off the mark!
    Such a wonderful track that as far as I know has never turned up on any disco compilation unless someone knows something different (I hope!)...

  2. Oh, man, want this maxi so bad! Can we get a re-up?

  3. I still have the Red Lipstique version on 12" vinyl which I picked up at the local record shop for 25p in the "(we only like prog rock so )we don't know what/how good this is" cheap section. Fools! Ha ha ha ha! Worth every one of the twenty-five pennies in 1982.

  4. The lyric is in fact :
    "Drac's back.. I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Jugula!)
    Drac's back..."

    It was made to sound suggestive but was in fact quite clean.
    All vampires would like to suck on the jugula vein in your neck :)


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