Sunday, 30 October 2011

ANDY FORRAY "Drac's Back" (Original 12'' Disco Maxi) 1979 cult kinky classic "Out-Of-Print" VERY RARE!!!!

"Drac's Back.....
I wanna suck your! ....................
ooohh Dracula!"
"Drac's Back" was a kinky 1979 novelty disco record by British Actor/Singer Andy Forray. The song was a cult underground disco hit around the world!
"I remember first hearing this song as a six year old kid when my parents used to have house parties and braais (Barbecues) in South Africa in the 70's & 80's! I remember the mothers all used to shrill with excitement when this record was played...(on our very loud 1970's "Blaupunkt" Hi-Fi"
which used to overheat, start smoking and occasionally burst into flames! about wild parties!"

"They're easy pickin's at the discotheque
I leave them feeling like they've been in a wreck
You know they wake up all wasted
And they never ever check
Those two small holes that I leave in their neck
Well if they were wise They would soon realize
They're not hung over
They're just vampir-ized'Cause
Drac's Back...I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Dracula!) Drac's back...
I went to New York City once to make my mark,
I checked in at the Waldorf in the name of Count Shark.
I used to prowl that city when it was dark
'Til one night someone mugged me out in Central Park
So I had to go away, for many a day
But I'm such a nifty healer that I'm still here to say
Drac's back.. I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Dracula!)
Drac's back..."


  1. Many thanks for sharing the lyrics to Drac's Back! There were a few words I could never catch and what I thought it said was way off the mark!
    Such a wonderful track that as far as I know has never turned up on any disco compilation unless someone knows something different (I hope!)...

  2. Oh, man, want this maxi so bad! Can we get a re-up?

  3. I still have the Red Lipstique version on 12" vinyl which I picked up at the local record shop for 25p in the "(we only like prog rock so )we don't know what/how good this is" cheap section. Fools! Ha ha ha ha! Worth every one of the twenty-five pennies in 1982.


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