Friday, 18 December 2009

Sandy Marton - Exotic & Erotic (12'' maxi) 80's italo disco 1985

Sandy Marton (Aleksandar Marton), born: 04-10-1959 in Zagreb, Croatia, is a famous 80's italo-disco singer who had a massive italo disco hit with a wonderfully produced dance track
"Exotic & Erotic"

The song was a 1985 official chart hit reaching
#17 France,
#11 Italy,
#41 Germany
+ was a huge club hit worldwide!

Dance fans and clubbers would ask for this song by the name

"Down In Singapore!"

as this is the songs opening verse :)

It's a cool tune!

10/10 for amazing production!

Available here :)


  1. Hells bells I remember partying to this at Club Atlantis in Pretoria & Jackies used to drive all the way through from JHB on a school night haha I was only 16, one aof my alltime fav. songs Brilliant Thanks

  2. played it one minute ago on a australian tape called 'hits awesome 86'.don't remember it from 1986 but it's gr8.any samples in it ?

  3. Please re-upload this album if possible? Thanks!


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