Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fantastique - The Best Of (Album) 80's disco hi-nrg italo eurodance

Available here :)

Fantastique were a Dutch 80's Hi-NRG Disco group from Haarlem, the Netherlands, who had a couple of huge worldwide club hits in the early 80s with "Mama Told Me" in 1981 and "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" in 1983. Their songs are upbeat, positive eurodance! :)

Fantastique consists of Astrid Leuweringen & Dick Das.
01. everybody loves the sunshine (7'' Single mix)
02. mama told me (7'' Single mix)
03. costa blanca (7'' Single mix)
04. maria no mas (7'' Single mix)
05. moi et toi (maxi version)
06. musica fantastica (maxi version)
07. everybody loves the sunshine (sing along version)
08. mama told me (maxi version)
09. costa blanca (maxi version)
10. maria no mas (maxi version)
11. everybody loves the sunshine (special extended version)


  1. Hi,
    I think I need your help with identifying one great disco track. I remember it from my childhood, it was on one of our cassettes. Finally today I found that tape. I needed it to get the lyrics from that track to recognize artist and track actual name. But there was not much help of it. I've been searching for hours for that song in the internet but no results. In the meantime I also found your page. Thought that maybe you can help me.
    Basicly the lyrics keep repeating all the time: "me me me you, you and me" (female voice). Then in the mid part comes low male vocal smth like "dancing on the disco, you dance with me". I'm not sure about those words because the quality of the tape is really bad. The tempo is around 125-130 bpm (2-beat). Still, to make it easier to you, i better rip the track to mp3 and send it to you. What do you think?

  2. Possible to re-upload this album please?


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