Saturday, 23 May 2015

TEA DANCE - Volume 1 non-stop mix Hi-Nrg 80's (DJ Mix) USA

TEA DANCE - Volume 1
non-stop mix
Hi-Nrg 80's (DJ Mix) USA

1. Hazell Dean - They Say It's Gonna Rain
2. Phyllis Nelson - I Like You
3. Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind
4. Viola Wills - Gonna Get Along Without You Now
5. Waterfront Home - Take A Chance On Me
6. Roni Griffith - The Best Part Of Breakin' Up
7. Divine - Native Love
8. Gloria Gaynor - I Am What I Am
9. Miquel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time
10. Hazell Dean - Searchin' (I Got To Find A Man)
11. Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive
12. Lisa - Rocket To Your Heart


  1. TNX Retro for you great blog. TNX for the tea. Best regards

  2. Hi this is fabulous.

  3. Hello,
    this is a very great site :-)
    Can you re-upload the albums from mediafire please?
    i haven't download all albums from a-z.
    i think the file are down there.
    Very thanks

  4. Link updated - as requested :)

  5. Thank Retro for keeping this music alive. I grew up with it and still have a few original LP's and tapes. Will start to upload soon as I have my Blog sorted out. You can check out for those rare songs.

  6. I really LOVE the music you put up for download!

    Though I really must say that some of the megamix ablums [the non-stop ones] are mixed together very bad! I know it's not your doing, but even I can mix better [and I do actually as I am an amature mixer, check out my site if you like:
    or just click my name at the top of this comment and got to the site. I know, I should really update my site again as I haven't done that in quite some time, but at the moment I'm working on some new megamixes with music from the 80's [those are the best!] and will update my site again soon .. I promise :)

    But again, thank you SO much for putting up all these wonderfull music from the past! I really LOVE your site and well as said before, I love your looks! kiss! Love XX

  7. love this but the link no longer works somehow i lost it can u reup once more XXX

  8. all of these vol1-5 would be spectaculara!!!


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