Sunday, 21 September 2008

People Like Us - People Like Us (Album) 1988 Hi-NRG Disco 80's

PEOPLE LIKE US were a High-Energy Dance Group from Johannesburg,
South Africa.
They had many hit dance records around the world in the mid 80's, mostly released internationally via PASSION RECORDS in London.
Their music was well produced, of a high quality with intelligently written lyrics (especially for Dance Music at the time).

CINDY DICKINSON was the key vocalist. She has an outstanding voice and really made the People Like Us sound work - but was not always given proper credit by original group founders.
Unfortunately original group founder Paul Crossley dies of an AIDS related illness around the time of their main success. Cindy Dickinson (now Cindy Guselli) lives in Durban, South Africa with well known East Coast Radio DJ husband, Dave Guselli.

People Like Us also had hits with the songs DELIVERENCE, MIDNIGHT LOVER (US Dance Chart #1),and FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES.


  1. hi and thanks for another memory shaker. good music i must admit in those days. by any chance you wouldnt have eVoid lurking around on vinyl or CD to share on mp3. not exaclty the typical HiNrg record but it did get thrown in alongside during the night. many thanks and keep the brilliant sight shining

  2. Great post. Never heard this one. PS, just posted Cafe Society's Knight Rider per your request on the Red Room blog. Cheers!

  3. very rare and a must have for hi nrg fans



    Bernardo Casarin

  4. Yes! You started blogging again, brilliant. Please keep up the good work, we do love you. Christophe

  5. Thanks for a great post. I didn't become a fan of People Like Us until a few years back.

  6. Thanks for knowing who "People Like Us" are. Very rare these days to find people knowing about them.
    By any chance you dont have the complete Belouis Some CD/mp3?

  7. this CD is super rare! Wow! Do you want to sell yours? I'll pay you US$300.00 for it (if in good condition) I have sent you an email xx

  8. Mil Gracias por compartir este tipo de material amantes del Hi-Nrg, Saludos desde la Ciudad de Mexico

  9. Thank you for sharing this GREAT CD! :)

  10. This is definitely a platinum classic. Thanks so much for featuring People Like Us on your blog.

    I was mortified to learn that Cindy married Dave; the lucky sod. I only wish she would perform again.

  11. This link has died... I have been looking for this since next to forever!!! Please repost....

  12. Love her. Remember her performing at Ronnyz


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